Caleb Williams 2024 NFL Draft #1 Pick?

Posted by Patrick Gannon on

The media has set its sights on the next major topic, namely the 2022 NCAA Football Heisman Award winner Caleb Williams from USC. Renowned sports broadcasters have already declared him as the reincarnation of Patrick Mahomes, with expectations mounting ahead of the upcoming NFL Draft. As football season draws nearer and closer, rest assured that these commentators will relentlessly push this comparison into the minds of every NFL fan across the nation. And let us not forget that should Patrick Mahomes win yet another Super Bowl, Caleb Williams' stock price would skyrocket! But don't just take my word for it; simply conduct a quick YouTube search for "2024 NFL Mock Draft" and witness for yourself the numerous channels predicting Caleb Williams going number one to either the Bears, or the Washington Commanders.

What do you think?  Who is your first pick?

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